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Falmouth Route One Construction/Renovation Project Informational Meeting

  • Thursday, May 15, 2014
  • 8:30 AM - 9:30 AM
  • Falmouth Memorial Library, Russell Meeting Room (please use side entrance)

Route One Business Advisory

Notice of Informational Meeting

Town of Falmouth Route One Construction/Renovation Project

Town Staff Available: Nathan Poore, Town Manager, and Jay Reynolds, Public Works Director, Town of Falmouth, Maine

Background: Construction is about to begin on a $11.7 million road improvement project on U.S. Route One between the intersection of Route One and Route 88, approximately 1 mile northeast of the Martin’s Point Bridge, and Turnpike Spur in Falmouth.

The project will include roadway improvements and viewscape improvements, including burying utilities along the majority of the renovation area. The project will be completed next summer, when the contractor completes a previously-scheduled Maine Department of Transportation repaving project.

The construction schedule is currently expected to permit two-way traffic during business hours. Utilities crossings of Route One and across driveways are scheduled to occur at night, so that customers of Route One businesses will be minimally impacted. 

Agenda: Town staff will present the final project design, preliminary construction schedule, how impacts on traffic during construction will be minimized, and answer any questions that business owners may have. 

For site-specific construction-related questions: Jay Reynolds, Public Works Director, 781-3919 jreynolds@town.falmouth.me.us

For more information regarding this meeting: Theo Holtwijk, Director of Long Range Planning, 699-5340 tholtwijk@town.falmouth.me.us

For more project information: www.town.falmouth.me.us


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