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Snow Removal Information


OFFICE: 207-878-1578 / FAX: 207-829-8388 / lstlandscapinginc.com


Common Areas:

There will be a response to every event in the Cumberland/Falmouth/Yarmouth area

(even if that response is just to drive through the property to ensure that conditions

are safe for travel).

Marigold Ln and Heron Point Rd are to be plowed every 3 inches. This includes the

paved access road to 22, 24 and 26 Marigold Ln that connects the driveways for these

homes to the main roads as well as the extension of Farm Gate Rd that serves 11, 13

and 15 Farm Gate. Any plowing of Farm Gate Rd to be an additional cost.

Snow pile locations on‐site to be determined by the Board of Directors / Property


A Mixture of Salt and Sand will be used to treat all paved surfaces (including driveways

and walkways.) The goal will be to bring conditions back down to pavement or brick or

other walkway material within 48 hours after every event.

Final clean up begins at 9 AM the morning after storm has ended or within one hour

after storm has ended if the ending is during the daylight hours.

Multiple treatments of sand and/or salt and multiple trips to property to scrape

roadways or walkways may be required. The standard will be to have all roads,

driveways, parking areas, and walkways maintained to a level (directly following a

storm) that reasonably allows for safe passage. This would include needing to come

back and treat for refreeze issues, drifting, etc.

Marker stakes to be installed by November 1st of each year.

The three mailbox areas are to be cleared at the conclusion of each event.

Fire Hydrants to be dug out as part of the final clean‐up.

Individual Homes:

Driveways are plowed and treated (as needed for ice control) every storm. During

large snow falls (6 inches or more) driveways will be cleared during the storm to

prevent accumulation from rising above 6 inches.

Fronts of Garage doors, and front steps are to be hand shoveled/snow blown and

cleared from snow and ice after every event. All walkways and steps are cleared side to

side. A path will be cleared to the pedestrian door to the side or rear of the garage for

emergency egress.


OFFICE: 207-878-1578 / FAX: 207-829-8388 / lstlandscapinginc.com

Additional Information:

Paths to oil or propane fills, shoveling of the decks and roof raking are available

services for an additional charge. Please contact LST ahead of time to arrange for these

services. The on‐site snow removal crew will not able to accommodate requests for

these services during storms.

Snow removal and on‐site snow relocation is not included with the contract. These

services must be requested and approved by the board.

During ice storms, particularly during the early winter months, our policy is to allow

any snow, less than 4 inches, to remain on the ground until the freezing rain either

stops or turns to all rain. The snow acts to absorb the freezing rain and usually allows

safer travel than a clearly plowed lot which becomes ice covered very quickly. During

an ice storm not proceeded by some snow our sand trucks work continuously but

usually have limited effectiveness until the freezing rain stops. If during a storm an

emergency arises please notify our office and we will dispatch the nearest truck to


Plowing or sanding/salting of particular locations may not clear the area to “bare

pavement” and that slippery conditions may continue to prevail even after plowing or

sanding/salting. Customer understands that L.S.T. Landscaping Inc. assumes no liability

for this naturally occurring condition.

Reports of damage must be reported to the contractor within 30 days. Failure to report

the damages constitutes a waiver and the contractor is released from liability. Speed

bumps, protruding objects, and general scraping damage is expected wear and/or

damage expected and contractor accepts no liability for these expected items.

Plowing snow consists of pushing or back dragging snow, with a front mounted plow

vehicle, off the side of the roadway and/or driveway areas and to the ends of the

parking areas.

Some parking spots may be needed for the stockpiling of snow, we make no guarantee

whatsoever that all parking spaces will be available for parking.

Icy or slippery conditions, hazardous or otherwise, caused by insufficient drainage,

malfunctioning drainage, roof run‐offs, frozen gutters, frozen down spouts, or poorly

placed down spouts are not covered under this agreement, L.S.T. Landscaping Inc. will

work with the property owners in any way we can, however these conditions may incur

additional costs. If treatment of these areas will incur additional costs, the property

owners will be informed before any work is done.

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