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Hello TWF Residents,

Below you will find the latest updates for the TV3 Development being proposed to the Town. 

Please be aware that the TV3 development (the parcel of land between Marigold / Willow Clearwater / Farmgate in Tidewater Farm) that was originally proposed back in February 2022 will be back in front of the planning board of Falmouth to be reviewed next Tuesday, May 2nd at 6:30 p.m.

See Item #7 https://play.champds.com/falmouthme/event/2829

To provide context see attachments,  TV-3 is intended for mixed-use, similar to TV-2, which means it will feature both residential and commercial use. The types of businesses that could be there are quite open, including a restaurant. However, I am concerned that the proposed building orientation does not adhere to the original master plan guidelines, which are specific about architecture, landscaping, and both pedestrian/vehicle circulation.

Based on what has been discussed so far with the planning board, the types of businesses that could be in the area are pretty open, including a restaurant. Nonetheless, the orientation of the building appears to have been changed from the original plan. The original intent for TV-3 was to have the building sit on Clearwater with parking behind and then a buffer for Marigold. However, it now looks like the building will be oriented toward Willow instead of Clearwater.

If you have any concerns regarding the new development, we suggest that you attend the meeting and/or write emails to the town expressing your concerns. We recommend that the concerns be focused on how the building orientation is proposed versus what the original master plan has laid out. The other area would be the building guideline, which is pretty specific about architecture, landscaping, and both pedestrian/vehicle circulation.

Thank you,

Melinda Anderson-Cabot



New site plan for TV3.pdf

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