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Tidewater Farm contains a number of areas of wetlands. The Tidewater Farm Board of Directors has the responsibility to manage our wetlands.  These wet/wild lands cannot be destroyed nor should they be left on their own to overtake the surrounding areas. Management of these lands means eradicating invasive species of plants while encouraging native species to flourish.  This is done through cutting, mowing and planting responsibly using organic products and methods.  This activity will also encourage our bird populations to grow with adequate food and cover.

In 2015, we did a sample management activity at the end of Heron Point Road near the mailboxes and also at the east end of the Marigold circle to see what would work.  After evaluating this activity, we decided to begin a complete management program for all the wild/wetlands within the boundaries of Tidewater Farm.  This is a costly endeavor and we have budgeted for just a portion of this work each year going forward.  Since the wetlands only need to be cut back every two to three years, depending on the extent of invasive species, we will do this annually on a rotating basis.

In 2016 we cut back the area at the west end of the Marigold circle, as well as the area between Farm Gate Road and the houses on the Farm Gate Extension. We (LST) removed unhealthy trees and invasive plants at the direction of a committee created for that purpose.  We also preserved winterberry and other plants that provide berries, seeds and nuts to wildlife as well as some birch and maple saplings.

In 2017 we cut back some of the grass in  the east and middle sections of the Marigold circle and a small area abutting the boundary on the road off No Name Road.

While we understand that this work was surprising to those of you who had not seen these areas cut before at the beginning of the development, we hope that you will enjoy the benefits of beauty and flourishing wildlife as we go forward.

For additional questions, please email the grounds committee at: eandrews47@maine.rr.com


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