Tidewater Farm 
Homeowners Association

Tidewater Farm Homeowners Association

Annual Meeting

June 22, 2021 @ 6:30 PM

Zoom Video Conference

Call to Order: 6:34 PM

President’s Opening Remarks: Clifford Gilpin

On behalf of Tidewater community, graciously thanked out-going Beth Hemenway for her stellar service. Also thanked Bob Isler for his long service on the Board and his huge contribution in establishing the association website aiding homeowners to be informed on any association activities. Recognized this marks the 10-year anniversary of the Board and thanked Board volunteers for their service. Acknowledged the past year has presented numerous challenges.

Secretary Report: Annual meeting minutes of 6-10-20 were approved.

Treasurer’s Report: David Costello

Revenue is on target. New budget highlights are bush hogging and tree maintenance have been added as a line item; 5% increase in property management fees and LST services (locked in for 4 years). Area of concern is replenishing reserve depleted with irrigation repairs. An in -depth study was conducted on future funding expenditures resulting in a proposal for a household assessment of $1600 (payable in two installments, 9-1-21 and 9-1-22) and monthly dues increase to $280.

Communications Report: Bob Isler

Website created in January of 2014 to improve communications to the association. This year 65 informational emails were dispatched with 70% opening with three hours. Annual maintenance cost per household is $15.

Communications Report 2021 Annual Meeting.pdf

Social Committee: Peggy Gilbert

Organized and promoted a New Year’s Eve luminaires which was a great success and well received. April neighborhood clean up was conducted. Save the date of 9-19-21 for a neighborhood gathering from 4-6. Created a welcome package for 5 newcomers.

Design Committee: Gerry Nadeau

Numerous requests for tree removal, decking replacement, railings, etc., were received and approved. Two requests were denied – one for solar powered lamp post and a children playset.

Budge Vote, Board Member Election

Quorum was established with 32 ballots cast. Proposed budget passed: 27 yes, 5 no. Greg Sassone was elected to the Board and Murdoch Walker was re-elected to the Board.

Question & Answers: Beth Hemenway moderated

Concerns regarding speeding traffic on Farm Gate Road were placed. Proposal, for signage or flashing electronic sign, to slow traffic down was raised. The Board will explore options with the town to effect change.

Concerns regarding common garden areas were expressed. Proposal soliciting volunteers from the community to weed, plant or transplant donated materials for area. Board will explore.

Concern regarding area on Marigold that is not being watered. Beth will inquire with Watermatic the irrigation map for this area. Also, explore cost of daily watering rather than every other day due to dry conditions. Beth will inquire.

Adjournment: 7:49


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