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2020  Annual Meeting Minutes

  • Tidewater Farm Homeowners Association

    Annual Meeting

    7:00 PM June 10th, 2020

    Zoom Video Conference

    Call to order:  7:10 PM

  • 1.     President’s remarks (Clifford Gilpin)
  • a.     Thanked Beth from Phoenix Management for moderating.
  • b.     Noted this is the 10year anniversary of Board creation.
  • c.      Thanked outgoing Betty Andrews for her 6 years of service on the Board and to the community.
  • 2.     Annual meeting minutes of 9-4-19 were approved
  • 3.     Treasurer’s Report (Dave Costello)
  • a.     Association currently ahead of budget by $8500 due to some homeowner prepayment.
  • b.     $73,437 in reserve fund for long-term road maintenance and noted on target with projections.
  • c.      No increase in annual dues for upcoming financial year.
  • 4.     Communication Committee Report (Bob Isler)
  • a.     Thanked Beth for valuable support and help in facilitating Zoom format.
  • b.     50 newsletters have been posted the past year.
  • c.      Website is updating frequently with “recent updates” tab
  • d.     Upcoming events are posted on homepage.
  • e.     Individuals may edit personal profiles. Especially important is correct email address for communications.
  • 5.     Grounds Committee Report (Betty Andrews)
  • a.     No major snow removal issues however, concerns expressed regarding salt on streets and walkways. Committee is exploring alternative options for upcoming season.
  • b.     Reseeding damaged areas due to salt and plowing by LST has yet to occur. Waiting for irrigation system to be fully operational.
  • c.      Street tree project is ongoing with Bartlett Tree with phase one tree trimming completed last winter.
  • d.     Brown Tail moth spraying took place in May and other pest management will be monitored.
  • e.     Mulching powers are exclusively used except in the event of overly wet conditions. This method helps nourish our grass and long term should decrease need for fertilizers.
  • f.      Actively working with LST to delineate areas behind properties abutting conservation areas or wetlands for lawn management, brush and invasive species removal.
  • g.     Concerns expressed by homeowner’s regarding corner entrance on Farm Gate Road. Very weedy and uninviting. Suggested this area must be cleaned up and a planting design should be rendered. Committee will take this up at next meeting.
  • h.     Concerns expressed regarding condition of lawns (crabgrass/dead grass/no grass). Waiting for irrigation system to be up and running before reseeding. Suggested reseeding areas need loam as the borders have been depleted of loam due to plowing.
  • i.       Concerns expressed regarding trenching made by Watermatic for irrigation repair. Asked for assurance this would be cleaned up and maintained.
  • j.       Concerns regarding LST response to homeowner questions regarding snow removal, moving, snow piling up at mouth of driveways, weeding, etc.
  • k.     Suggestion to blow snow from walk on street rather than lawn to cut down on damage to lawns
  • l.       Suggested replacing Dead End Street on corner of Heron Point.
  • 6.     Social Committee (Peggy Gilbert)
  • a.     Holiday lasagna party huge success with 44 in attendance.
  • b.     Neighborhood clean up in May with a dozen or more people pitching in.
  • 7.     Design Committee (Harvey Klugman)
  • a.     Received about 6 requests over the past year
  • b.     Reiterated purpose is the maintain a standard of design for enhanced home value.
  •  Budget Vote, Board Member Election and Fiscal Year Change Results (Beth Hemenway)
  • a.     Quorum was established for 35 ballots cast
  • b.     Budget passed: 33 yes, 2 no
  • c.      Debbie Roy was elected to the board and Debbie Fogg, David Costello and Gerry Nedeau were re-elected.
  • 8.     Final remarks (Clifford Gilpin)
  • a.     Open space transfer is on hold due to COVID. Town of Falmouth freezing revenue for time being.
  • b.     TV3 – no update. Actively for sale.
  • c.      Gardens and field planting have been interrupted due to COVID
  • d.     Encouraged homeowners to contact Town of Falmouth regarding viability of posting No Trucks on Farm Gate Road.
  • 9.     Adjournment: 8:29 PM


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