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The Tidewater Farm Homeowners Association’s grounds committee provides oversight of the common areas to ensure that the grounds are healthy, attractive and in compliance with the Tidewater Association’s bylaws.

The committee accomplishes this through walk-throughs of the property, making and noting observations, and making recommendations to the Board of Directors, or, as appropriate, to the Property Management Company.

The committee notes such issues as, but is not limited to the health of trees, shrubs and lawns, the usage of mulch, the spread of invasive species and the effects of our irrigation system.  We also work in cooperation with Portland Trails, The Tidewater Farm Conservation Trust and its leasers, again making recommendations to the TFHOA Board of Directors as appropriate.

This committee is chaired by an active member of the full Board of Directors and consists of two to four additional volunteer members of the Tidewater Farm Owners Association.

     Grounds Committee Members:  

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