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We offer landscape lighting solutions based around your needs. We know that choosing

landscape lighting for your home is a very personal experience. You want your property to look and feel just right. Watermatic offers low voltage lighting systems that will add shape and texture to your trees or landscape, illuminate walkways for the safety of your guests, and elevate the security of your property by gently shedding light in darkened areas.




Your local water district requires that your backflow device be tested annually, after a new device is installed, or if repairs are made to the device. If you fail to have your device tested, you risk water disconnection. Watermatic has a NEWWA-certified backflow tester on staff to answer your questions and give you top-notch service.




Watermatic is fortunate to have an employee on staff with a degree is Plant & Soil Technology. While we do not want to step on the toes of your landscape team, we can offer a fresh set of eyes or second opinion to help you best decide how to care for you lawn and gardens.

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