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The TFHOA Grounds Committee has renegotiated and the Board approved our three year contract with LST in order to better serve our residents and our environment. This year, 2014, is our second year of this contract. The major changes are listed below.

Spring cleanup will begin in April as soon as weather permits.

Cleaning and prepping will include common area beds, beds on all four sides of each  home AND ALL TREE BERMS between homes. However, cleaning, prepping and weeding will NOT INCLUDE PRIVATE VEGETABLE AND FLOWER GARDENS that are not within your foundation plantings.

In May all the above beds will be edged, weeded, raked and mulched, as below.

All ornamental grasses will be cut back in the early spring. This is the only time they will be cut. Homeowners can cut their own grasses on their right-to-use property as they wish, but not on common grounds.

Mulch Will BE INSTALLED EVERY OTHER YEAR on the odd years of the contract. On even years, the mulch will be raked at cleanup time. Since most beds have previously been over mulched, this process should add to the health of our trees and shrubs. There will be no mulch added this year. (Some exemptions may apply).

The mulch used by LST will be PERFORMANCE MULCH (50% COMPOST / 50% DARK BARK MULCH). This type of mulch is much healthier for our plantings and should look great.

Spring flowering shrubs will be pruned after they bloom, usually in June & July. Hand pruning will be performed on some shrubs. Electric pruners will also be used, especially on evergreens or where people request “formal” shaping. Determining the pruning schedule is an ongoing process. Some pruning may take place in late October as necessary.

Whenever possible, LST will make every effort not too mow our grass in heavy rain. However, they may mow in showers to avoid missing several weeks in a row.

Weeding will be done at spring cleanup, in LATE IN JUNE AND EARLY IN AUGUST, weather permitting, and again in October at cleanup time.

Lastly, homeowners will have a form to fill out regarding mulching and pruning options. This will be available early April and each spring hereafter.

Questions concerning the new contract can be directed to Betty Andrews, Grounds Committee Chair, at eandrews47@maine.rr.com or cell phone at 207-831-8135.

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