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Common Area Maintenance at Tidewater Farm:  Current Practices  March 2018

Prepared by the TFHOA Grounds Committee

January 1, 2015

Updated March 15, 2018

Common areas at Tidewater Farm are generally cared for via grounds maintenance contracts, administered by the Management Company, as directed by the Board of Directors of Tidewater Farm.  At the current time that includes:


Wetlands are regulated by the State of Maine Department of Environmental Protection and monitored by the Town of Falmouth code enforcement office.

We will endeavor to see that wetlands that border your property are “kept at bay” with mowing, cutting or bush hogging as is appropriate. Invasive species that grow in these wetlands may be removed where time and money permit.

*Street trees:

It is important to note that our street trees and their specific species are part of the overall development plan approved by the Town of Falmouth and are expected to be maintained as such.  Any changes to these trees must fit in with this original plan.

Street trees (those trees on the streets and in your front yards) as well as the trees in common areas including wetlands are the responsibility of the Association.  Those trees should not be removed, replaced or otherwise altered without the consent of the Grounds Committee.  Problems with these trees should be brought to the attention of the Grounds Committee who will make an assessment of the problem.

In the event that a tree must be removed the Association, with input from the homeowner, may replace the tree with a suitable alternative.

*Lawn mowing:

The landscape maintenance company contracted with by the Association will do lawn mowing of all common grounds and yards regularly during the growing season.

If a homeowner chooses to mow their own lawn, they must use a push reel mower and the lawn must look like it would if the maintenance company were doing the mowing.  If the Board of Directors finds that these conditions are not being met, the homeowner will not be allowed to continue mowing their lawn and the maintenance company will resume doing the work.

*Lawn care treatments:

Because our development is in a shoreline protection zone, pesticides are highly regulated.

A professional company chosen by the Association and managed by the management company will do lawn care treatments.  At no time are homeowners allowed to treat their own lawns with herbicides or pesticides or contract with a different professional for such treatment.  This is to ensure that toxic chemicals are not used in excess or mixed with other chemicals when several vendors are providing them.

Homeowners should contact the Grounds Committee if there are problems with their lawns that are not being properly addressed.


Street Trees and common areas with mailboxes, utility equipment, etc. as well as tree berms between and behind properties, (generally used for privacy screens) will be mulched annually as needed.

Foundation gardens/ plantings will also be mulched in the spring every year.

The association will not mulch private perennial or vegetable gardens (not in foundation plantings).

Homeowners may apply mulch to these private gardens or additionally to the other areas at their own expense by contracting with a landscaping company of their choice including that company used by the Association.  They can also do the mulching themselves provided the mulch looks the same as that used by the landscaping companies.


The landscape maintenance company will do pruning of the shrubs and cutting of your flowers and ornamental grasses in your foundation gardens and around your street trees as part of Fall cleanup and as necessary in the spring.  However the homeowner can opt out of this service or dictate the particulars of this service by filling out the Landscape maintenance form on the website and returning it to the grounds committee chairman.  This will be discussed with the homeowner to clarify any issues, and then sent to the landscape maintenance company for their files and implementation.


The maintenance company will do weeding of common areas three times a growing season.

Weeding of all berms and of foundation gardens/ plantings will be done three times a year as well.  However, homeowners are free to weed more often or contract with someone else to do so.

The landscape maintenance company will not do weeding of personal gardens unless the homeowner contracts separately for that service.

*New Plantings:

Homeowners can plant additional plants and shrubs in their already established gardens.  However, the design review board must approve enlarging the garden or completely altering the content of a garden.

Garden ornaments are allowed in accordance with the Association covenants.  However, the design review board will have the final say as to the appropriateness of such ornaments should there be any complaints by other homeowners concerning these ornaments.


Driveways, all streets except Farm Gate Road, all sidewalks in Tidewater and all homeowner front doors and walkways will be plowed or otherwise cleared per the current contract with the plowing provider. (See the website for more details) The Town of Falmouth is now responsible for the plowing of Farm Gate Road.

Vehicles not in your garage during a snowstorm must be moved in order for plowing to occur.  Vehicles left in your driveway may result in not having your driveway plowed.  If the plowing company has to return just for your driveway, you may be charged a fee. 

Cars left on the roadways may be towed at the homeowners expense in order to clear the snow in a timely fashion.

Additional snow removal services can be acquired through the current plowing contractor.  These are on the TFHOA website.

*Surrounding Lands & Buildings:

The Barn and nearby abandoned House, as well as the fields abutting the Tidewater Farm Development belong to the Tidewater Conservation Trust and are not a responsibility of the Tidewater Farms Homeowners Association. 

Some of this land is leased to various groups for the sole purpose of farming or education.

Questions concerning these properties should be directed to the Conservation Trust, the Developer or the Town of Falmouth.

Please see the TFHOA website for a list of current committee members

These practices are subject to change without notice.



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