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Watermatic Irrigation Service Information     August 2018

    Non-emergency repairs usually done in 5-7 business days.

     Contact for non-emergency irrigation repairs by homeowners is:

  •        Michelle Bellino at Phoenix Management:
  •                Phone: 207-571-3061

                    Email:  mbellino@phoenixmanagementcompany.com

          Homeowners are NOT to contact Watermatic directly.


     Emergency situations to be dealt with ASAP

          call Phoenix Management 24/7:     Phone:     207-571-3061


    Irrigation schedules for each home are posted on our website (www.tfhoa.com) in the GROUNDS section under Watermatic Irrigation.


    Head failures and arc adjustments are Association expenses.

    Mid-season system check is provided by Watermatic at no additional charge to the Association and will take place this year on July 27, 2018


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