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About Phoenix

Phoenix Management is a full service management company offering complete support to Maine residential property owners and homeowners and condo associations. We manage a wide range of properties throughout Maine and New Hampshire.

Our Standards

We believe your property, whether it's a homeowners association or condominium development, deserves the highest quality financial and property management services to protect the interest of its members. We adhere to the highest standards of professional conduct and continuing education.

A Different Kind of Management Company

We are extremely proactive and seek to provide a safe, positive environment for all residents. At Phoenix, we believe in the importance of fostering community spirit and responsible resident behavior. Our cost-effective, professional services satisfy our clients while preserving the value and appearance of the properties. We work hard to ensure the long-term value and problem-free daily operations of every property in our care.

Phoenix Management and Tidewater Farm

Phoenix has been with Tidewater Farm since its inception and takes great pride in that fact.  We’ve worked with the developer and the homeowners to steward a wonderful community that saw construction and growth despite a difficult economic climate and a depressed real estate market.  

In our current capacity, Phoenix works with the Board of Directors to handle the day-to-day operations of the Association, fosters communication between the Board and homeowners and ensures that contractors and vendors that serve the community are meeting the needs of the Association and fulfilling contractual obligations.  Phoenix provides administrative and financial services, but also serves as an advisor to the Board especially as it relates to the Governing Documents. 


There are many qualities important to a company's success. At Phoenix, we follow a set of guiding principles that form the character of our organization. All Phoenix employees understand these values and guarantee that they are upheld each and every day.

Guiding Principles


  • Honesty is the foundation for all activities.
  • Phoenix employees are honest and ethical.
  • When mistakes happen, we acknowledge them and correct them immediately.


  • We show respect for each other and for everyone we come into contact with while performing our duties.

Customer Service

  • We provide outstanding service to all of our clients, from Board Members to Home or Unit Owners and tenants.
  • We respond to all calls and inquiries, promptly and politely.
  • We are accountable to our commitments.
  • We continually update knowledge and professional training to maintain skills necessary to deliver the highest standards of service.


  • We support and help one another in a team environment.


  • We are courteous, friendly and helpful at all times.
  • We strive to have fun and enjoy our work

Contact Information

  • Chuck Homler – Community Manager
  • E-mail:  Chomler@phoenixmanagementcompany.com
  • Phone:  207-571-3061 
  • Fax: 207-571-3066

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