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Phoenix Property Management Job Description


  • ·         Phoenix Management will collect all monthly assessments and other charges due to the association.  We will also send statements and letters should units become delinquent.  Phoenix Management will not be responsible for collections except for sending notices and communicating with the owners.  Should the association wish to file a lien, we would recommend having that done by the Association’s attorney and having the fees assessed to the delinquent owner.
  • ·         Phoenix Management will maintain records showing all of the Association’s receipts and expenditures and provide income and expense statements and other pertinent financial information in the form of a monthly treasurer’s report for the previous month on or before the 15th of each month.
  • ·         Phoenix Management will prepare for the board recommendations for the next year’s budget showing anticipated receipts and expenditures for such year.
  • ·         At the direction of the Board of Directors, Phoenix Management will put together scopes of work and requests for proposals then put out to bid contracts for services required by Tidewater Farm.


  • ·         Phoenix Management will designate one of its managers as the community manager for Tidewater Farm.  The Community manager will attend meetings of the board of directors, assist the board of directors’ decision making by providing information gathering and fact-finding support, and implement the board’s decisions.
  • ·         The community manager will maintain a database of contact information for all unit owners.
  • ·         The community manager will enforce the association’s governing documents and rules.

Property Maintenance

  • ·         The community manager will make regular visits to the property for inspections.
  • ·         Phoenix Management can arrange for or perform necessary maintenance and repairs.
  • ·         Phoenix Management will respond to emergencies.  An on-call member of the Phoenix Management team will be available 24 hours a day.


  • ·         Phoenix Management will prepare materials for organizing and participating in meetings of the Association, the board and any committees.
  • ·         Phoenix Management will provide guidance and advice to the board and to the community regarding policy issues.
  • ·         Phoenix Management will oversee the employees and contractors who perform work for Tidewater Farm.

Phoenix’s Team Approach to Management

  • ·         A community manager will be the main point of contact between the Board of Directors and the association and will work with the Board to handle the day-to-day operations of the association.
  • ·         A project manager is available to inspect the property and make recommendations for capital improvements, reserve replacements or large scale work that needs to be done at the association and will be instrumental in creating scopes of work, requests for proposals and handling the bidding process when hiring contractors.  For a 5% fee the project manager will also be made available for supervising the work performed by the contractor.
  • ·         Our finance department will handle accounts payable, accounts receivable and will prepare financial reports to help assess the financial well-being of the association.
  • ·         Our President, Aaron Bateman, will work with the Board of Directors to create budgets and reserve plans and will work to ensure that the association is being properly served.
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