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The Tidewater Development           summary provided by Chuck Homler

Tidewater was organized into three major parts: 


Tidewater Farm:

This is the place you call home.  From the gate on Farm Gate Road to the intersections of Farm Gate and Marigold near #1 Marigold and near the common area adjacent to 4 Marigold and down Heron Point Rd, there are 50 residential lots and several wetland areas that are governed by the Tidewater Farm Executive Board.


Tidewater Village:


Tidewater Village is divided into 4 separate parcels that are commercial or mixed use properties along Clearwater Dr.  When you pass Hat Trick Way  the parcel on the left between Farm Gate and Hat Trick way is Tidewater Village 4 (TV4). This is owned by Doten Construction.  Across the street and closer to Tidewater Farm is a parking lot that will serve TV4 and TV3.  Currently TV3 is the wooded lot that runs from Marigold Lane at Clearwater Drive to Farm Gate Road, between Clearwater Drive and the tree line across from 1 – 9 Marigold Lane.  TV3 is owned by Clearwater 3 LLC.


Tidewater Village 2 (TV2) is a mixed use condominium association with 4 commercial units (U-Maine / Mercy…) and 7 Residential Units.   This Association has frontage on Clearwater Dr and Marigold lane, but the parcel ends at the tree line behind their garages.  That area and water view way  and the woods between TV2 and Tidewater Farm are owned by Kennedy.  TV2 is under Declarant control but is transitioning to its own Board of Directors this summer.


TV1 is the OHM medical building on the circle at the end of Clearwater Drive.


The Town of Falmouth owns land around Tidewater including the wastewater treatment plant located off of the circle near TV1 and TV2.


Tidewater Conservation Land:


The farmland off of Farm Gate that runs parallel to Heron Point is Tidewater Conservation land.  The Cumberland County Cooperative extension and a few other organizations have permission to use the land.  CCCE also uses the barn area. 


Clearwater Drive is maintained by the Town.  The parking lot, front walkways (along Clearwater) and the parking spaces along the front of 75 Clearwater are maintained by TV2.


Doten Construction is responsible for the lawn area at TV4 and the sidewalk between Farm Gate and Hat Trick Way.


Tv3 is responsible for the parcel between TV4 and TV2. 


LST has permission of the developer to use the parking lot off of Farm Gate near the entrance to Tidewater Farm.  They use it for staging the storm response and for storage of materials.


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